FireSide FoodShop- DELIVERY to Blind River May 30th 2024


Here's how the Food Shop works...

We receive deliveries three times per week and try to stock regular items. If we have some or all of your order in stock, we will deliver what we can as quickly as we can - sometimes in the same day. It may take up to two business days to receive items that are not in stock.

We will make every attempt to deliver orders within two business days.

DO NOT visit FireSide Classic Grill to pick up your order until you have been contacted.

People are back to work. Kids are back to school. We understand. We'll work with you to make sure that you receive your order safely and at appropriate times. Please leave special instructions on best delivery places, days and times. We want you to get your food safely and happily. And please bear with us. We're learning a new way to operate within a busy restaurant and we're doing our best to let our excellent kitchen staff do their jobs. 

Enjoy the Food Shop and thanks for visiting...