FireSide FoodShop- DELIVERY to Blind River May 30th 2024


  • Will there be more products offered?
    • Yes!  Product lists change frequently. Keep checking back for more items.
  • Are prices negotiable?
    • No; there are currently no deals in place for large orders, or any discounts for bulk buys.
  • Is there an order form?
    • No. However we will look into special orders by request. Contact us and let us know what you're looking for.
  • Where do I go to pick up?
    • We do offer limited pick up options at FireSide Classic Grill. Pick-up is only available once you have received a message that your order is ready and only within the specified timeframe. We're trying to limit traffic so that our restaurant can operate without interruption. Please respect our pick up policies and arrangements.
    • Current hours for pickup at FireSide Classic Grill are Weekdays - 11AM to 8PM and Weekends - 4PM to 8PM.
    • We prefer to deliver all orders.
  • Will delivery be available for home?
    • Yes. We prefer to deliver all orders to reduce traffic during restaurant operating hours.
    • Delivery in Elliot Lake is available daily. We do take some days off for a little relaxation but try to fulfill all deliveries quickly based on product availability.
    • Delivery outside of Elliot Lake is only available to communities from Spanish to Blind River at this time. Delivery charges remain the same but we only deliver on certain days. Click here to visit our page about Delivery to the North Shore.
  • Can someone else pick up the order on my behalf?
    • Yes!  As long as the order number is provided anyone can pick up the order.
  • Can I just come and place an order there?
    • No. Orders must be placed in advance.